A Bang On The Ear

by Möbius Strip



Recorded March 2015 at Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara.
Assisted by Felix Nieto.
Mastered by T.J. Lipple.


released April 16, 2016

All songs by Möbius Strip.

RAF: drums, guitars
Mark Kennedy: guitars, voices
Pitt Stains: bass, voices

Cover photo by Vincent Chung
Inner photo by Julian Ortiz




Möbius Strip Washington D.C., D.C.

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Track Name: See Something, Say Something
See something, say something
Report your neighbor, ride for free

See something, say something
Lost liberty, false security

It's not enough to tap your phone
Watch you from drones
The final indictment must come from
One of your own

See something, say something
Surveillance outsourced to the surveilled!

What if, instead, when governments overreach we
Say something

A distributed panopticon
Packaged up as security
A distributed panopticon
A suspicious package indeed!
Track Name: Combination Answer
It's all about the money
Salvation sought through accumulation

We killed the vegetation
But the plants are thriving
Hawked the greenhouse
Now where will we house the green?

Rising tides raise all ships, unless...

The fleet - They own it
The coast - Control it

We killed the vegetation
But we saved the greenhouse
Someday something will grow here again