Step Down

by Möbius Strip

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Recorded November 2012 at Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara.
Mastered by T.J. Lipple.


released June 22, 2013

All songs by Möbius Strip.

Rosendo Flores: drums, voices
Mark Kennedy: guitar, voices
Pitt Stains: bass, voices, artwork




Möbius Strip Washington D.C., D.C.

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Track Name: Step Down
Step down from the pulpit

I may crawl in the dark but you’re blinded by light
Reducing the world to squares black and white - step down
To ancient applause you’ve rewritten the laws
End: Inquisition; enter: Imposition

Step down from the pulpit
Step down from the throne
I believe nothing

I believe that freedom of religion implies
Not picking your poison but choosing not to imbibe
That wearing a burqa in public is neither a crime nor mandate
That marriage is not an affair of the state

Separate church and state now
Tear the binding out
The musty tome
Is all your own

The men of the cloth have broken their troth
Cleave church and state
Leave behind the hate

Step down

Pawn takes the bishop - checkmate
Track Name: O'Dark :30
A blueprint scrawled by a hurried hand, an ambush planned
Darkness falls on empty streets; the city sleeps

Here and now

Apparitions materialize; no place to hide
Participant or passerby? Who decides?

Now I see what's in store
A one-way trip to a kangaroo court
No one to read my rights
I won't be home tonight

Participant or passerby? Justice is blind?
Participant or passerby? Justice denied.

Now we see what's in store
A one-way trip to a kangaroo court
No one to read our rights
We won't be home tonight

So don’t wait up tonight
We won't be home tonight
Track Name: Interpretation
Stop - here we go again
Innocent but again forced in and at the stand
Why am I waiting for both sides to run and hide?
"(I) don't think I want you in my life"
So why should I have you in mine?


Stop - what do you want from me?
I've tried everything but it gets me nothing or less
My reputation goes on and on but it's just