There Is No Silver Lining

by Möbius Strip

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Recorded March 2015 at Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara.
Assisted by Felix Nieto.
Mastered by T.J. Lipple.


released May 16, 2016

All songs by Möbius Strip.

RAF: drums, guitars
Mark Kennedy: guitars, voices
Pitt Stains: bass, voices

Cover photo by David Shankbone




Möbius Strip Washington D.C., D.C.

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Track Name: Pangea
A freighter ship left port
Pangea was her name
Her crew was the best there was
But her captain was insane

There was no land in sight
When the panicked first mate cried,
“I fear we’re out of fuel”
The loyal crew replied:

We stand with Pangea
We stand with our own

Cannibalize the cargo,
The rudder, deck, and mast
Strip the vessel bare
Burn each board to the last

We stand with Pangea
We stand on our own

Out of fuel?
Burn the crew!
Track Name: You're Not Allowed In
The seas hold black gold
The sea sold for black gold


Below the surface the ocean bleeds
A gaping wound from which a toxin leaks
Corporate pirates plunge their corkscrew knives
Wreaking havoc on all marine life

The seas hold black gold
The sea sold for black gold
The seas hold black gold
Behold the black gold


Blood billows from the ocean floor
Coagulates along the shore
The damage done, their will imposed
The sign proclaims, "The Gulf is closed"

You're not allowed in
Profit abounds when
You're not allowed in
Track Name: Endless Summer
Toes in the sand
So it began:
Endless summer

With smokestacks’ dye
The sun paints the sky
With no outcry came
Endless summer

July’s embers
Survived December
Seasons surrender
Endless summer

Landscape browned
Pushed underground
By heat profound, by
Endless summer

There’s no escaping
Endless summer
Track Name: Undone
The engines whine
Factories hum
Inflicting progress
On everyone

The stream of commerce
A raging flood
Wipes out the landscape
Bathes us in blood

We always knew this day would come
The haze too thick to see the sun
Evolution’s work undone

You don't need a thneed

We always knew this day would come
The haze too thick to see the sun
Evolution’s work undone
Track Name: Songbird
You are the one who will sing us to sleep

As we are swept away by rising seas
You are the one who will sing us to sleep

Look out, look out, look out
Canary in the coal mine
Look out, look out, look out
We ignored your sign

Canary in the coal mine
Now we’re out of time

No more warnings
World keeps warming
Track Name: Silver Lining
A gilt life at everyone's expense
Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Silver lining
Not arriving despite all the pining

Silver lining
The silver is lining their pockets

Coffins’ empty promises
Fill coffers

There is no silver lining
Someone won’t find worth strip-mining
There is no silver lining
Track Name: A New Religion
In the name of the dollar
We trade away the sun
For the light of burning spirits
Glut like this day is the only one

A new religion

Crucify the dollar
For our daughters and sons
Find a vein and spear it
Preserve the future for everyone

A new religion

Which side are you on?
Track Name: Warm, But Not Alive
We’re lonely among our peers
Since the serpents invaded our ears
Poisoning Now and Here

Though these raindrops could be a monsoon
Isolationists never commune
This platoon all cocooned

It’s hard to see eye to eye
When everyone’s virtualized
Flesh and bone replaced by drones

The last tree will fall unheard
Provided our shrouded shepherds
Don’t disconnect our surrogates

Warm, but not alive

Hard drives spin producing heat
Filtering reality
The apogee of technology
Is community burned in effigy

Warm, but not alive
Track Name: Combination Answer
It's all about the money
Salvation sought through accumulation

We killed the vegetation
But the plants are thriving
Hawked the greenhouse
Now where will we house the green?

Rising tides raise all ships, unless...

The fleet - They own it
The coast - Control it

We killed the vegetation
But we saved the greenhouse
Someday something will grow here again

Track Name: Black Box
If they ever find the
Black box in this vessel's wreckage
Black box, play the final message
The black box alone knows the captain's identity

The black box thumping in the captain’s chest pumps
Black box oil, defiles our nest
Black box ink depicts a frightening nightmare

Garbage in, garbage out
Reckon there's garbage in between
Garbage always finds a way

Inside the
Black box: evidence gone missing
Black box, show us who’s been pissing
Black box oil where water used to be

Black box, pray, who is to blame?
Black box, give up the captain’s name
Black box

Black box recovered from the wreckage
Black box, play the final message:
The captain’s wheel turned by ten billion hands