Washington, DeCeit

from A Knee In The Back by Möbius Strip



Welcome to Washington, DC
Capital of the land of the free
Can't you see the irony?
In the hometown of democracy
You can't even vote

You're gonna hate it here, my dear
We've got taxation, no representation
You're gonna hate it here, my dear
While the roof is caving in, the architects are cashing in

When the next wave occupies the city
Will we fight, torches aflame?
Or will we heavy with self-pity
Resignedly proclaim

“You're gonna love it here, I fear
This is your playground
Feel free to throw your weight around”

Welcome to Washington, DeCeit
We've set a precedent: they don't have to meet
Any minimum requirement for honesty, integrity
All throughout the government there's no accountability
Instead we get entitlement [while] they plunder the economy

Would you still like to vote?


from A Knee In The Back, released July 29, 2010




Möbius Strip Washington, D.C.

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